1. Is this DVD compatible with all DVD players?

Yes, this DVD is in NTSC format, which means it is compliant with all major-brand DVD players sold in US / Canada / Japan. As for our customers outside of North America & Japan, please check your DVD player features, but generally speaking all DVD players sold in Europe and Asia within the last 8 to 10 years are NTSC compliant. In worst case scenario you can always play the DVD on your PC / Mac.

2. Is your site secure? What personal data do you see / store?

Our site is completely secure and we're very stringent in upholding our Privacy Policy. We never give access to your financial data and will never request it from you. The only data you provide directly on our site is your shipping location, which allows us to calculate your shipping and handling rate. After that you're transferred directly to our shopping cart or PayPal (most renowned and trusted online payment system out there). All the financial data is processed by them and we get to see only your e-mail, name and shipping address, which is then passed to our DVD delivery service to complete your order. This information is stored absolutely separately from our main site and is subject to our Privacy Policy. Only our sites Couturedvds.com & MMAClassics.com have access to this information. This information is used solely to send you the DVD or complementary information, i.e. shipping notice, future promotions and notices. Other than that no one, will ever get access to your data.

3. How long is each DVD?

Below is a breakdown for each Couture MMA DVD title:

60 min FIGHTER
60 min X-Training I
60 min X-Training II
100 min Who's Still Standing?
120 min X-Mission

4. Can I contact you with a wholesale inquiry?

Certainly! Please use our Contact Form and shoot us an e-mail. We will be sure to get in touch with you shortly. Subject to the number of DVDs and titles that you are interested in, we can provide you with quantity discounts and special terms.

5. Do you deliver to...?

We deliver though the U.S. Postal Service who ship to virtually every country worldwide. To see if we can deliver to you and get current mailing conditions check in with Service Updates (http://www.usps.com/international/serviceupdates.htm)

6. Do you provide refunds?

NO, unfortunately we do NOT, due to logistics along with high national/ international shipping rates for returns. Please contact us if your package does not arrive, is lost or the DVDs are damaged.

7. What if you never deliver?

We're a verified PayPal seller and should you encounter any serious issue you can always file a complaint with PayPal. We also a verified Amazon seller with a 100% rating for the last year and a 95% rating lifetime. Rest assured it is in our best interest for you to receive and enjoy all of our CoutureDVDs.com titles and we will do our utmost to make sure this happens and your experience with this site will be completely satisfying.

In case you're having whatever problems with the site, ordering process or the DVD itself, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We will do everything on our end to assist YOU!
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