Want to be in Randy's entourage?
Go behind the scenes with 'The Natural' as if you were part of  his training camp entourage!
Learn strategies, techniques & drills used by Randy to conquer the UFC Octagon!
Privately screen award winning documentary, 'FIGHTER', featuring The Naturals rise to fame!
See Randy's first non-UFC fight vs World Shooto Champion, Enson Innoue!
Watch Randy's Pro Submission debut vs Strikeforce Champion Ronaldo 'Jacare'!
Own a piece of History while experiencing invaluable insight from the Master himself!

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The Couture Collection is comprised of the following DVD titles:
DVD Title: Fighter, A Documentary
Fighter, a documentary
Winner of "BEST DOCUMENTARY" at the FAIF Film Festival in Hollywood, CA and "BEST BIOGRAPHY" at the NYIIFV Festival in New York, NY, 'FIGHTER', looks back to capture a slice of sports history, as Randy "The Natural" Couture chases his first Ultimate Fighting World Championship™ Belt. The documentary "takes you deep into the world of Couture… a man who is now considered the personification of everything good about this sport".

'FIGHTER' records the early stages of Mixed Martial Arts development in the United States, providing a riveting myriad of perspectives while taking an irreverent yet brutally honest look inside the minds of MMA fighters. Interviews include Dana White, 'Big' John McCarthy, Enson Innoue, Dan Gable and more…

Shot and Directed by Award Winning Director Pericles Lewnes.
"This was a very well put together piece about what really goes on in the life of a (Mixed Martial Arts) Fighter... A definite MUST own for any true MMA fan, but that is only one guys opinion"
- John P.
DVD Title: X-Training Volume 1
X-Training Volume 1

Vol 1: Boxing and Wrestling Takedowns
Train with Randy in this rare up-close look at his strategies, techniques and drills including Striking, Footwork, Survival, Pummeling, Wrestling Takedowns, and General Positions along with his famed 'Dirty Boxing'. Randy breaks down each drill and technique recorded from multiple camera angles so you can learn just like with his star fighters at Xtreme Couture. Footage also includes live action of Randy executing these moves in actual fights as well as never before seen backstage action! Randy instructs you in the following:

* Footwork
* Bag & Pad Drills
* Blocking & Evading punches
* Wrestling Tie Ups
* Pummeling
* Takedowns
* Dirty Boxing (ala Vitor Belfort)
* and much more!

"Enjoyed the combination of instructional alternating with behind-the-scenes segments, UFC highlights, training sessions and outtakes. It keeps it interesting... watched the boxing, thought, "Oh no, way too basic." but then Randy starts to add in the strikes off the clinch...."
- Glen I.
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DVD Title: X-Training Volume 2
X-Training Volume 2

Vol 2: Kick Defense and Ground Control
In Volume 2, Randy gives you a look at his strategies, techniques and drills including Footwork, Kick Defense, Takedowns off KIcks, Ground Control and Chokes along with his infamous Ground Positions for Striking. In this DVD Randy instructs on how to fight someone who is kicking at you and what to do from the top position once the fight is brought to the ground. Once again this DVD is professionally shot from multiple camera angles and includes live action of Randy executing these moves in actual fights as well as MORE never before seen backstage action! Randy will each you the following:

* Footwork Drills
* Kick Defense & Takedowns
* Ground Control
* Passing the Guard
* Chokes for MMA
* Ground Striking
* and much MORE!

"This DVD should have two titles; 'How to Takedown a Kickboxer' and 'Controlled Ground & Pound'... done by the master himself. Thanks for this hidden gem!"
- Ryan S.
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DVD Title: X-Mission

Witness martial arts history unfold at the Professional Submission League's, "X-Mission" featuring the historic grappling match between UFC Hall of Famer, Randy 'the Natural' Couture vs BJJ & ADCC Mundial Champion, Ronaldo 'Jacare' Souza. "X-Mission" is hosted by Eddie Bravo, founder of 10th Planet BJJ, along with the voice of the Seattle Mariners, sports radio personality Ian Furness. "X-Mission" also includes Jake Shields vs Marcelo Garcia, the debut of Kron Gracie, TUF competitors Mac Danzig and Vinicius Magalhaes among others.

"By far the best prouced submission wrestling video on the market... the rules are a bit unusual but the line up of MMA & BJJ legends is Outrageous! Cheers to Eddie Bravo for his excellent, insightful commentary."
- Cameron D.

DVD Title: Who's Still Standing?

Who's Still Standing

One of the greatest MMA fight compilations of all time, 'Who's Still Standing' showcases four UFC Champions along with Champions from PRIDE, ADCC, SHOOTO & PANCRASE including Randy Couture, Enson Inoue, Kevin Randleman, Frank Shamrock, Rumina Sato, Jean Jaques Machado, Eric Paulson, Frank Trigg , Carlos Newton, among others. Also includes bonus clips, original animation spoofs, behind the scenes, training insight, interviews and much more…

Randy Couture vs. Enson Inoue
Frank Trigg vs. Jean Jacques Machado
Erik Paulson vs. Carlos Newton
Frank Shamrock vs. Enson Inoue
Dan Henderson vs. Crezio de Souza
Rumina Sato vs. John Lewis
Andre Pederneiras vs. Rumina Sato
Tom Erikson vs. Kevin Randleman

See them ALL on one DVD before they were LEGENDS!

"Wow this is one of the best MMA fight compilation DVDs ever! Frank Trigg vs. Jean Jacques Machado is one of the all-time classics... I can't say enough about this DVD with Randy Couture, Frank Shamrock, Enson Inoue, Dan Henderson, Carlos Newton... enough said!"."
- Harry C.
All 5 MMA DVDs for only $69.99! Buy Now Free Shipping

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